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An efficient editor is an effective editor. Learn about the secrets to running a post-production company and the tools to power up your workflow.

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Why do your exports look different on your iPhone?

Maintain accurate color throughout post-production. Rec. 709, DCI-P3, sRGB, and Rec. 2020 what are these, what do they mean, and how do you make exports look the same on both monitors and iPhones. I also go over the best displays and color accessories to help make videos stellar.
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How to correctly export a feature film from Premiere Pro.

Lessen the impact from Adobe Premiere Pro crashing mid-export. By using a reel or DPX workflow, you can avoid having to re-render your 90 minutes long video when it fails at 90%. In this article, we look at the best workflow for exporting your feature film for color grading and what file formats to render your final deliverables from.