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Technical executive producer and post-production leader with expansive experience in multiple areas of production and post-production. With over a billion cumulative views and counting, Alex Bartz has executive produced and lead post-production teams for the world’s largest brands. His portfolio includes commercials and music videos for The Walt Disney Company, Nestlé, Amazon, Ring, Tyler The Creator, Converse, and Summer Walker. Before moving into executive producing and post-management, Alex worked his way up the ranks as a video editor. Helping those understand the world of post-production, Alex runs The Post Flow; a website dedicated to breaking down the intricacies of post-production.
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Must-Have Tools for UGC Creators

The ultimate toolkit for UGC creators: from essential filming gear like the game-changing iPhone 15 Pro to top editing software choices including CapCut and Adobe Premiere Pro. Learn how to elevate your content with professional-quality video, audio, and lighting.
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No cap, the Samsung 990 Pro SSD is blazing fast.

The Samsung 990 Pro 4TB NVMe Gen4 SSD delivers unparalleled performance for creators. Having personally experienced its exceptional speed after an upgrade, it remains a top choice even as Gen5 emerges. Opt for matured Gen4 technology for secure, rapid data storage.
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Squarespace Just Doesn’t Cut it Anymore.

Explore the transition from Squarespace to WordPress for a more customized web development experience. Discover how pairing WordPress with robust hosting like Kinsta or SiteGround can elevate your online presence. Dive into ThemeForest for unique themes to add a personal touch to your digital realm.

Build a VFX Supervisor’s Tool Kit

Learn about the tools and techniques necessary for VFX supervisors to accurately capture camera telemetry, reference photos, lighting references, and measurements to ensure the VFX team in post-production has the smoothest and fastest ride possible.
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So, you want to start a podcast?

Podcasting is a great way to share your ideas and connect with like-minded people. But before you can start sharing your voice with the world, you need to make sure you have the right equipment.